Mr. N S Rajan, Global Partner and Managing Director at Ketchum Sampark Pvt Ltd

Mr. Rajan serves as Global Partner and Managing Director of Ketchum Sampark, India's leading Public Relations and Perception Management agency. Ketchum Sampark is an affiliate of Ketchum INC. Mr. Rajan is a communications innovator with more than 100 offices and affiliates in 67 countries worldwide, Ketchum ranks among the largest global public relations consultancies, and leads the industry in the U.K. and continental Europe as Ketchum Pleon.

Mr. Sudhanshu Karandikar, Managing Director, IMAP Inc. (Barcelona)

Mr. Karandikar is Managing Director, IMAP. IMAP features some of the world’s most skilled M&A advisors from across the globe and with a diverse resume of industry expertise. Mr. Karandhir was previously associated with COPCA  (Spanish Trade Commission) as its Director wherein he advised Spanish companies setting up operations in India. He is the visiting faculty at ESADE, UAB, EHU. He participates as an expert with Casa Asia, ICEX, Foment, CEOE, and the Spanish Diplomatic Institute.

Ms. Meenu Gupta, President, Vendantar Group

Ms. Gupta is the President of Vedantar Group with over twenty years of experience. Her experience includes twelve years with the Italian government where she held diverse product portfolios. During her tenure, she successfully managed product development programs between Italy and India along with other sectorial initiatives. Ms. Gupta has been the co-founder and director of Italian gold consortium in India called Italindi.

Mr. Vinod Kapur, Advisor to Lex Favios

Mr. Kapur is a qualified Chartered Accountant and brings on board more than thirty years of experience in corporate finance, project finance, budgeting, mergers, and acquisitions. As a professional, his objective is to help organizations in maximizing stakeholders’ value. He has successfully raised domestic and international funding for various projects which includes experience in handling Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) and FCCB issues.