a) RBI vide notification no. RBI/2020-21/34 DOR.No.BP.BC/13/21.04.048/2020-21 dated September 07, 2020 has issued Resolution Framework for COVID-19-related Stress – Financial Parameters.

b) Lending institutions are free to consider other financial parameters as well while finalizing the resolution assumptions in respect of eligible borrowers apart from the above mandatory key ratios and the sector-specific thresholds that have been prescribed. The above requirements are applicable even in cases when there is only one lending institution with exposure to an eligible borrower.

c) Given the differential impact of the pandemic on various sectors/entities, the lending institutions may, at their discretion, adopt a graded approach depending on the severity of the impact on the borrowers, while preparing or implementing the resolution plan. Such graded approach may also entail classification of the impact on the borrowers into mild, moderate and severe, as recommended by the Committee.

d) It is further clarified that signing of ICA is a mandatory requirement for all lending institutions in all cases involving multiple lending institutions, where the resolution process is invoked, and the requirement of additional provisions if the ICA is not signed within 30 days of invocation does not substitute for the mandatory nature of ICA. Compliance with this regulatory requirement shall be assessed for all lending institutions as part of the supervisory review.